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"Two hours of uncompromising, uncomplicated and ultimately satisfying fun. pure entertainment."


Following the phenomenon which was Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake, another thrilling all-male version of a much-loved classic… Sasha Regan returns with one of the most popular G&S operas, following her hugely successful award-winning all-male production The Pirates of Penzance at Cate Blanchett’s Sydney Theatre and  UK Tour

Set in the hold of a WW11 ship, the setting allows the cast of 16 to switch between burly sailors, in the working underbelly of the vessel, to lady visitors. A playful, innovative and heartfelt production.

A simple set with a beautiful costume design by Ryan Dawson Laight have allowed maximum scope for inventive playing by the cast, whereby physicality and voice is key to telling the story.

One of the most popular G&S operas, dealing with the age old conundrum of love between social classes, Pinafore has infectious tunes and a beautifully constructed libretto, a perfect match for this creative teams inimitable style.



Hysterically funny and highly effective.

G&S’s score is irresistibly delightful and utterly timeless. Performed with joy and enthusiasm. 

It is so rare to see such a timeless production staged with such love and care.

* * * * WestEnd Frame


A joy from Start to Finish.            * * * * Public Reviews



Dynamic choreography… excellent…priceless. An extraordinary adventure.

* * * * Sam Smith of music OMH



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